• 5 Benefits of Doing Lawn Maintenance in Fenton

    29 Dec 2015 | Blog | admin
  • 5 Benefits of Doing Lawn Maintenance in Fenton

    5 Benefits of Doing Lawn Maintenance in Fenton

    A well-maintained lawn can be identified quickly. For one, it should be watered deeply but not daily. This means that the grass roots stay hydrated regularly without being drowned in moisture. Another sign is if it is fertilized when that grass needs it and not according to the calendar. The proper fertilization amount allows the grass to grow to its best and be as green as it is supposed to be. However, lacking or excessive fertilization does that opposite. Mowing the grass using the proper height setting helps in maintaining your lawn. This will keep in neat and improve its appearance while encouraging healthier regrowth.

    Here are reasons why you need to maintain your lawn:

    It beautifies the place

    Green grass creates a relaxing space while enhancing the environment. Grassy areas also have a quick effect on people’s moods because of creating feelings of privacy, serenity, happiness or thoughtfulness. Its cycles of growth throughout the year and color changes can lift human spirits and still link urban habitats with the countryside heritage.

    It will increase the price of your property

    Most people don’t consider having a healthy lawn when selling their home. What they don’t know is that a well-maintained lawn improves the chances of selling the property at a decent price. Research shows that fixing your lawn before selling the property can add up to 14% to the property value while speeding up the sale by six weeks.

    Reduces erosion

    A maintained lawn slows down the flow of rainwater while allowing it to return to the ground water after being filtered. It also protects your topsoil from soil erosion so your soil will not be carried away. This is because the dense root network established by the grass can hold your soil in its usual place.

    Improves air quality

    Healthy grass is able to trap carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen. It also prevents the topsoil from being blown into the air in case the wind is strong. This is more beneficial if you have more grass.

    Reduces noise pollution

    Many buildings, especially in the urban areas, plant grass on the rooftops to cool the buildings and cut down the noise. Those living in high trafficked areas should keep well-maintained lawns so as to get some extra peace.

    In case you own a home, you should view lawn maintenance just as any other task. Also, doing lawn maintenance will help you to improve the quality of life in your home and its surroundings.

    Outsourcing your yard work is the best way to ensure a healthy and attractive lawn without any hard work from your end. All you need to do is enjoy the beautiful yard while we take care of your yard requirements. To know more about our Fenton lawn services, rates and packages give us a call today! We look forward to building a lifelong relationship with you.