• 5 Spring Lawn Care Tips in Fenton, Michigan

    27 Jan 2016 | Blog | admin
  • 5 Spring Lawn Care Tips in Fenton, Michigan

    As the ground outside starts to turn green, it is time to pay attention to the garden once again. Spring is a sensitive duration for your yard because your plants are tender; the soil is spongy including the unpredictable weather. Your lawn will appreciate if you will be gentle on it this time of the year and also for addressing the most important, of not all, spring tasks. Fenton Lawn care can be achieved successfully by using the following spring tips:

    1) Taking it easy on your soil

    You shouldn't be in a hurry to begin working on the yard. Allow the ground to thaw and dry out, and then you can initiate the lawn care chores. Foot traffic on that wet soil can cause problems of soil compaction. Also, if you are too aggressive with aerating, raking, mowing – or any other task that might open the turfgrass canopy and expose it to sunlight – you will risk giving weeds a chance to grow on your lawn grass and damage the new growth. Wait until the grass is growing actively.

    2) Help the snow melt

    If you reside in a place that gets lots of snow, you can consider helping it to melt by removing it from the shady areas and spreading the piles. This will also prevent the snow molds from developing while the ground thaws.

    3) Crabgrass control

    Crabgrass prevention is a crucial spring lawn care chore. Take chemical weed controls off the care list if your lawn is vigorous and dense since it won’t let weeds invade. This is the best way to control weeds. In case you had crabgrass the previous year, you should expect to see it. Use a pre-emergence herbicide. This preventer stops weed seeds from germinating, so do the application early enough.

    4) Core aeration

    Aeration stimulates the growth of new roots, reduces soil compaction and improves air water and nutrient filtration. Cool-season grass should be aerated during the fall and summer is the best time to aerate warm-season grass- when they are growing actively. In case you missed aerating the lawn, spring is the second appropriate time to do this. Ensure you aerate before applying crabgrass preventer.

    5) Overseed bare areas

    Fall is the most appropriate time for seeding cool-season grasses. However, during the spring, there is a brief opportunity you can take advantage of. Grass seed begins to germinate as the temperatures on the soil reach 50˚F. Your seeding should be done early so that the new plants can develop strong roots.

    Outsourcing your yard work is the best way to ensure a healthy and attractive lawn without any hard work from your end. All you need to do is enjoy the beautiful yard while we take care of your yard requirements. To know more about our Fenton lawn services, rates and packages give us a call today! We look forward to building a lifelong relationship with you.