• 10 Amazing Home Landscape Projects

    Home landscaping is something which adds to the beauty of the house. Be it the front yard or garden or even the back yard, landscaping should be done. A well made house is always beautiful to watch and becomes the cynosure of all eyes. There are a number of landscape architects in the city out of which the most charismatic designs belong to Fenton Landscape Contractors. They are experts in the field and have been doing this landscaping activity for about twenty nine years now. Here are 10 of the most amazing home landscape projects.

    1. Flower Beds: Add a dash of color to your front yard

    The first impression is usually the last. The one who makes a good beginning is ensured of a happy ending as well. The same applies to home landscape designs. The beautiful entrance with tufts of flowers in between makes for a heavenly feeling. The beautifully paved walkway lends a sense of aestheticism to the entire surroundings. The beautiful trees offer a grand welcome to any visitor leaving him yearning for more. If the outsides could be so good, how would the interiors be? The well trimmed grass gives a smooth texture to the surroundings.

    2. Add a dash of neutrality to the entire proceedings

    The paved pathway aptly complements the color of the house in all respects. This is beautifully supplemented by the green grass and gives a contrasting effect to the whole picture. Outdoor landscaping is one of Fenton Landscape’s specialty and they have designed many a beautiful house in a similar fashion. The white flowers look beautiful when juxtaposed between the violet flooring and the green grass making it one of the most exquisite designs ever. The sloping roof lends a countryside look to the whole mansion making it an attractive place to reside in

    3. Lush greenery with a shining pathway:

    This is as close you can get to nature as possible. The lush greenery of the surroundings on account of the extensive foliage supports the Stonehenge walls of the house in an exquisite manner. The beautifully dome shaped little trees at the entrance to the house stand out among the entire surroundings. The flowers on the pathway add a dash of color and make it one of Fenton Landscape’s beautiful creations. The extremely cleanly maintained pathway looks as if it has just stopped raining. The reflections from the stones on the pathway enable you to have a look at your own reflection.

    4. As clean as it gets:

    This designs though very simple looking is an absolute treat to watch. The well manicured lawns look serene. The white walls of the exteriors of the house and the sloping roof with a chimney make a grand view. The sloping roof suggests that this house must be located in an area where there might be ample snowfall during the winter months. However the sunny surroundings too bring a sense of absolute calm to the house which appears to be made of wood throughout. The entrance of the house has beautiful aisles with steps leading to interiors. This is truly a majestic landscape garden design.

    5. A kaleidoscope of colors:

    This is a landscape even a blind man will appreciate. Such is the beauty of the garden landscape that the colors appear as if a kaleidoscope is in function. The combination of the rose, pink as well as violet flowers make for a riot of colors. Add to that the paved pathway; this is the stuff heavens are made of. The absolutely spic and span surroundings lend an air of serenity to the entire landscape making it one of the most beautiful landscapes ever designed.

    6. A large house with a great look:

    This is a large house with ample space in front making landscaping a very easy job under the circumstances. Fenton Landscape does not need a better invitation to display his wares. The exquisitely designed villa with majestic sloping roofs and large sized French windows is as it is beautiful to watch. The well manicured lawns look inviting for a game of snooker. However what stand out in this landscape is the beautiful yellow colored flowers. Without these flowers this house would not appear as beautiful.

    7. A horticultural delight:

    This is horticulture at its best on display. The green leaves popping out of the pink flowers are an absolute delight to have. The well maintained garden and the stone walls of the house are an excellent combination. It must be a gardener’s house considering the taste that he has displayed in the choice of plants for display. This is a masterpiece of a design which has found its way into the top 10 landscape home designs.

    8. A modern outlook:

    This appears to be a modern day house. The clean pathway and the beautifully maintained lawns make a perfect combination. The round stones look exhilarating and add a dash of mystery to the entire surroundings. This is an example of least amount of designing looking beautiful. This is one of Fenton Landscape’s strengths that they have the capacity to make any surrounding great to live in.

    9. As unique as they can get:

    The main attraction of this landscape is the exquisitely paved pathway. The black even river rocks aptly combines with the white background of the pathway and looks distinctively beautiful. This is as unique a design you may encounter. This type of a landscape is an ample proof that you need not have grass and colorful flowers to enhance the beauty. Simple black stones too could do the trick.

    10. A place fit for the nobles:

    This villa complete with a garden along with a fountain thrown in as well is a place where nobles should be living. Such is the regality of the landscape that one cannot but appreciate the grandeur. The garden worth the green canopy along with cane seats make it look like one of the richest places to have tea.